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with bush. people might be ready from something that is calmer than the sort of neither was for obama's in control nature that helped launch him to the presidency in 2008. >> i want to listen to something that was said yesterday in the state of the state address he said things that could lay the ground work for him having to run against joe biden and hillary clinton. his issue was assault weapons control. and he also talked about women's issues. let's listen to that. >> maybe it's a man's world. but it is not a man's world in new york. not anymore. we are going to pass this women's equality act and change the life for my daughters and your daughters and your sisters and your nieces and your wife and your significant other and every person in this room. every person in this room. and we are going to do it this year. >> and karen, he may also try to prevent a woman hillary clinton from becoming the first woman president. >> my take on it is, he figures we don't know what hillary is going to do. i'm going to keep doing what i need to do to make sure i'm a viable option. last year we saw
comforth the second amendment. in the presidential debate there was not a question to romney nor obama about gun control. i do think that the white house in some ways being a bully when it comes to -- they have the bully pulpit. if you have a meeting with a group like the nra getting millions of more members every week, and they walk in a meeting an they're distrustful on what will go to the room, and is strong. rather than say we have a meeting and it's fine. it basically felt it was a prop. >> kimberly: not an accurate statement. they didn't bring in nra on good faith. >> andrea: they are viewed favorably the nra. i think they felt they were going to circumvent them and pressure to bring them in. >> bob: we talked about this after newtown and we said there were a wide variety of things to be considered. mental health, guns, series of other things. the movie violence. they invited in everybody in those categories if mental health to movie violence to the nra. i think shouldn't we not at least give biden and his recommendations a chance to be heard? that was the most inappropriate comm
control recommendations for president obama. >>> major concerns among top military brass that budget consults and hiring freezes could create a department of defense with a hollow force. >>> the government saying the deo set up our own service secret agents with prostitutes. >>> all that bus the growing flu epidemic. one year since coast that concordia accident. and ziggy. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, january 11th, 2013. >>> good morning, i'm mara schiavocampo. vice president biden continues to hold meetings as the head of administration's gun control task force. thursday, biden met with gun rights advocates, including the national rifle association as well as retailers and the entertainment industry. the nra had harsh words for the vice president afterwards. >> the at station was able to check the box and say they'd talked to the representative of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment, and now they were going to try to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> as those meetings were takes place, another scho
people over obama's gun control. he is threatening to start killing people if obama moves forward with gun-control issues. he went ballistic over reports that the president could take executive action. he said joe biden is asking the president to bypass congress and use executive privilege to impose stricter gun control. [ censor bleep ] that. i'll telling you that is going to inspire a civil war. i need all of you patriots to start thinking about what you are going to do. be prepared to fight. i'm not [ censor bleep ] putting up with this. i'm not letting my country be controlled by a dictator. if it goes one inch further, i'm going to start killing people. >> great. [ applause ] >> stephanie: that guy with the goatee and a shaved head -- >> well that wasn't mean you are going to shoot everybody -- [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> stephanie: chris lavoie has a goatee goatee. >> no this is a full-on beard. >> stephanie: close enough. andy in massachusetts. watch people with the weird hair. >> oh, sure. >> stephanie: hi andy. >> caller: i have an idea. take the approach that
for tighter gun control. president obama met today with afghan leader hamid karzai insisting starting this spring there will be historic change on the ground, troops shifting to support role. different training, advising, shifting afghan courses. cdc says the flu outbreak is epidemic. cdc says influenza is widespread in 47 states. 20 children died. no count of adult deaths yesterday. friday, lightning round. "special report" starts at 6:00. now "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: love beyonce. if there is one thing "the five" knows about is apologies. listen. >> are we on? sorry, sorry. i took a cheap shot before. they are wonderful excellent people. it apologize, guys. sorry you're so upset. >> i'm sorry. >> dana: bob is not alone. apologies are being demanded and offered everybody time we turn around. this big one is espn apologizing for brent musberger comment for miss alabama. she wasn't offended and it turns out she will get to be on strait of hormuon "sports il" >> kimberly: why not? capitalize on it. sweet lady. nice boyfriend. wish them the best. now is her time. what is the problem?
will deliver gun control recommendations to president obama by tuesday. he says federal task force to curb violence has been productive. he met with representatives of nra and walmart. >> there is an emerging set of recommendations not coming from me but coming from the groups we've met with. i'm going to focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership and type of weapons that can be owned. >> biden said they agreed on conducting universal background checks. nra says gun rights and will cite attempts to limit law abiding americans from buying guns. >> evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction for president obama's inaugural after anti-gay remarks surfaced. he says prayer would be overshadowed by his past comments. the president will use two bibles for his swearing. he will use both martin luther king travels bible and the one used by president lincoln. mr. obama used it four years ago. >> president obama nominated his chief of staff jack lew to serve as next treasury-secretary. he touted his past work. the budget ran a surplus during his tha time. he is going to replace ti
," vice president joe biden readies his gun control recommendations for president obama. >>> major concern among top military brass that budget cuts and hiring freezes could create a department of defense with a hollow force. >>> government sting. the dea set up our own secret service agents with prostitutes. >>> all that, plus, the growing flu epidemic, one year after the costa concordia accident, and the return of the water skiing squirrel. >>> good morning. vice president biden continues to hold meetings as the head of the administration's gun control traffic force. biden met with gun control advocates as well as retailers. while participants described the meetings as open and frank, the nra had harsh words for the president afterwards. >> the administration was able to check the box and say they'd talked to the representatives of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment. now they were going to try to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> as those meetings were taking place, another school shooting. this one at a high school in rural california. one student was
, this is the "kudlow report." in washington, the obama team pushed its gun control agenda on three fronts today. talking to walmart, the nra, and hollywood. and the administration package is starting to take shape and we're going to walk you through it. also in washington, d.c., president obama finally makes it official and nominates jack lew for treasury secretary. but, he received a quote obscene million dollar bonus as his boss obama would put it while working at citibank which got bailed out to the tune of $45 billion. is that part of the jack lew story that's going to make him toxic in his confirmation hearings? >>> and we go out to san diego where the family of the late nfl star junior learned he had a brain disease when he committed suicide. did football kill him? >>> and back to hollywood, my favorite movie of the year "lincoln" gets the lion share of oscar nominations. this is a fabulous film about government dysfunction and how abe lincoln solved it then. can we learn something about it now? the "kudlow report" begins right now. >>> first up this evening, call it the d.c. gun show. al
association and hunt irs are planning a rally on january 19th, two days before president obama's public inauguration ceremony. gun control advocates have launched an advertising support to draw up more gun laws. today, vice president joe biden will meet with video game executives. >>> today, d.c. cup sill members make a trip for the white house to ask if a big favor from president obama. what they are doing today to put a long-running issue into the national spotlight on inauguration day. >> first, speed camera cash. new numbers show just how much money the city made on the much high pressure despised devices. i don't want to know. >> they got some of mine too.  . >>> of the revenue from the controversial speed cameras in d.c. reportedly skyrocketed from 2011 to 2012. new figures show a 100% increase in the cash brought in. it went from $42.9 million in 2011 to $95.6 million last year. >>> some members of the d.c. council are heading to the white house today hoping to get the president to agree to put the city's taxation representation license plates on his limo and other official veh
of president obama's for having troop remain. president karzai said that the u.s. will hand over control to afghan prisoners to afghan officials and that was a key demand of karzai's for having troops remain. really the big headline is acceleration of troops taking the lead on security and president obama was asked about that. >> we are able to meet those goals and accelerate them somewhat so let me repeat, what's going to happen this spring is that afghans will be in the lead throughout the country. that doesn't mean u.s. forces are no longer fighting. they will be fighting along afghan troops. it does mean, though, that afghans will have taken the lead and our presence, the nature of our work will be different. we will be in a training, assisting, advising role. >> and brianna, it seems to be a sign, based on what we have heard from the u.s. president, that the u.s. will be able to pursue an aggressive drawdown on those troops this year and next year and we are seeing many signs and a statement come out from president obama and president karzai talking about how afghan security forces
. >> reporter: the nra has long been a lobbying force like no other. its unwavering opposition to gun control immortalized by its late president, charlton heston. >> from my cold, dead hands! >> reporter: they even managed to expand gun rights during president obama's first term, legalizing guns in national parks and on amtrak. the nra has more than 4 million members and lots of money. dolling out more than $3 million on campaign contributions and lobbying last year alone. how powerful is the nra? well, remember, they give grades to members of congress. and how many got an "a" for sticking with them and opposing all gun control? 288 members, the overwhelming majority of congress. it's enough to intimidate democrats, too. just listen to joe biden in 2008. >> barack obama ain't taking my shotgun, so don't buy that malarkey. >> reporter: but recent polls suggest an opening for some gun control. a majority now favoring a ban on semiautomatic handguns. but it would be a mistake to think the nra's influence has waned. in the three weeks after the shooting in newtown, connecticut, they added more th
obama's desk, leading administration aides to develop other gun control rules that would draw bi-partisan support. the alternatives include universal background checks, more government research on gun violence. the white house is also reportedly considering a $50 million effort to fund the placement of hundreds of police officers and new surveillance equipment in public schools, a move that would resemble the national rifle association's call for armed guards in every school. news of the proposals comes as vice-president joe biden hosted gun industry representatives at the white house on thursday as part of his ongoing task force on u.s. gun violence. in his remarks, biden vowed to issue its recommendation to president obama next week. >> with my colleagues, i am putting together a series of recommendations for the president that he will take a look at. there is a really tight window to do this. i committed to him i would have these recommendations to him by tuesday. there is a surprising, so far, is surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. n
. congressman trey gowdy. we will have much more on the gun-control debate throughout this broadcast. president obama was against them before he was for them and now he has made the bush tax cuts permanent. or at least 90% of us. but the white house has gone silent on the middle-class tax hikes. that's tonight's "chalk talk." and obama and the constitution. the second amendment is under assault. will the president get away with it? peter johnson joins us lou: we continue our look on the white house assault on the second amendment. the president saying he can rule by fiat on what is a constitutional republic. i am joined by peter jackson. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. lou: president has said that he will, if necessary, use executive order to control guns in this country. can he do so? >> i don't think there's any question that he will. i don't think that he is popular in terms of public popularity. there are things that he will try to do to change the dynamic of guns in america, to show action, even if it provokes media action. this president can say that i have done someth
you think about the proposals and coming up next, newt gingrich if he thinks president obama is overstepping power on gun control and whether he believes there is common ground to be had on the issue. a lot of republicans are upset at the idea that the president might act out of executive orders. we will talk to former speaker gingrich about that. we will also take you to chicago where gun laws are tight, but the gun crimes are extraordinarily high. [ alarm clock ringing ] [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis, can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? [ woman ] i wanted to get up when i was ready, not my joints. [ female announcer ] could your "i want" become "i can"? talk to your doctor. orencia reduces many ra symptoms like pain, morning stiffness and progression of joint damage. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lun
claro que lograr el control en al venta de armas será una prueba de fuego para el presidente barack obama que intenta desafiar a la nra, una organización con gran poder político en los estados y en el capitolio. >>> es momento de nuestra primera pausa y al regresar estados unidos enfrenta la peor epidemia de influenza en años, se calcula que la mitad de los alimentos que se producen en el mundo van a parar a [ locutor ] subway ofrece tantas comidas ricas, sanas para tu corazón, y certificadas por la american heart association. busca el heart check en tus comidas fresh fit de subway favoritas, desde el tentador turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach al proteínico roast beef, y más. todos con cinco gramos de grasa o menos. pruébalos con jugosos tomates o pimientos verdes crujientes. ven hoy a tu subway local y empieza el año nuevo con una comida sana para tu corazón. subway. come sabroso y fresco. ♪. >>> más de 40 estados continúan aumentando los casos severos de influenza que es mucho más grave aque la gripe común. >>> el presidente barack obama nombró a jack b
if he thinks president obama is overstepping his power on gun control and if he thinks there's any common ground to be had on the issue. a lot of republicans are upset that the president might act on executive orders on some of the things he can act on. we'll speak to former speaker gingrich about that. and we'll take you to chicago where gun laws are tight, but the number of gun crimes, extraordinarily high. [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose because for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪ ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save befor
next, we ask newt gingrich if he thinks president obama is overstepping his power on gun control and if he thinks there's any common ground to be had on the issue. a lot of republicans are upset that the president might act on executive orders on some of the things he can act on. we'll speak to former speaker gingrich about that. and we'll take you to chicago where gun laws are tight, but the number of gun crimes, extraordinarily high. >>> when vice president biden suggest said some of his recommendations to president obama might include the president issues executive orders, a firestorm erupted. president obama, critics said, was overstepping his authority. the drudge report read the headline, white house threatens executive orders on guns. and look at the pictures. they show pictures of josef stalin and adolf hitler. lindsey graham weighed in as well. tweeting today, quote, gun control by executive order could be a power grab that won't go down well with congress or the american people. just the other day, former house speaker and former gop candidate, newt gingrich told fox's
up next, we ask newt gingrich if he thinks president obama is overstepping his power on gun control and if he thinks there's any common ground to be had on the issue. a lot of republicans are upset that the president might act on executive orders on some of the things he can act on. we'll speak to former speaker gingrich about that. and we'll take you to chicago where the number of gun crimes are extraordinarily high. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, a
president obama after the shooting a visibly upset, saying he would use the power of his office to act on gun- control and do it quickly. he asked joe biden to convene with a sense of urgency. they had been meeting to move things forward quickly. they want to get in that space while people are still shocked about the killings. the tragic irony is that while he was meeting people and talking about it today, on the west coast, somebody else was firing at a school. >> he wants to give proposals to the president by tuesday. >> he was forthright. has met with people like advocacy groups, prevention organizations, justice organizations, and there is an emerging consensus, a couple things that want to look at our universe of background checks. they are thinking of tightening that up. and the availability of high- capacity magazines, the same types have been used in recent shootings. we should note that the gun used in the california shooting was a shotgun. the cartridges are unlikely to come under new types of legislation. he said there is nothing we can do this awful shootings, but they want
right now. president obama may also be asked about gun control and debt ceiling as well. if he is, we will take you back live to the white house. sue? >> indeed we will, ty. in today's yahoo finance question of the day, we asked, more than 19 billion flowing into u.s. equity funds this week. highest uptick since 2000. are you getting back into the game in 32% say yes, i'm getting back into stocks. 25% say i'm cautious but thinking of getting back in. 43% say no, i'm staying on the side lines. >> let's see what is coming up on "street signs." 2:00 p.m. eastern time with mandy. >> absolutely, sue. we are kind of at an inflexion point. multiyear lows for vix. where do we go from here? we will lay it out with a bull and bear case. also our americans cool again. a hiring spree and we also asked to you tweet in your favorite car or truck under $100,000. we will reveal some of the result and show ours as well. all of those things coming up on this friday edition of "street signs." sue, back to you on "power lunch." >> thank you very much. social media stocks after being battered last year ar
don't need perfection, they need you. >>> vice president joe biden's gun control task force will deliver its recommendation to president obama by tuesday, that's fast. yesterday the vice president met with representatives on various sides of the issue. the former head of a movie industry group argued that movies don't cause violence. white house correspondent dan lothian is following all these developments. dan, the vice president said he saw emerging consensus in some areas here. the nra said they were disappointed what is really going on here? >> that's right. that's essentially what we expected, the nra saying they wanted to come and listen to what the administration is talking about, but certainly the administration is looking for some tough guidelines here, to prevent violence in the future. so, some of the things that the vice president says has been emerging from the discussion. he pointed out these are not his recommendations, but what he's hearing from all of these meetings is, at the top of the list, universal background checks. not closing loopholes at sales, but
hearing tuesday. >>> coming up next, president obama and vice president joe biden making good on a promise to present gun control reform legislation soon. >> the man accused of a deadly shooting spree inside a colorado movie theater will go onto trial. fox 5 news will be back in a moment.  >>> the judge overseeing a preliminary hearing into the colorado movie sheet are shooting says the case can go to trial. judge william sylvester says there is enough evidence against james holmes from last summer's massacre in aurora. he is due back in court later today for an arraignment. but his lawyers say they are not ready to enter a plea. >>> less than a month of an elementary school school shooting in connecticut a 16- year-old fired a shotgun in his school yesterday. his teacher is being called a hero for talk the teen down. he did critically wound one student and shot another. students actually warned each other by text message even before police arrived. >>> the obama administration's effort to curb gun violence meanwhile and tighten gun laws is in full swing with three
over. the obama administration floated the idea of removing american troops all together. president karzai met with secretary of state clinton last night over dinner. and joe biden plans to deliver recommendations from the gun control task force to the president on tuesday. yesterday, the vice president met with representatives on various sides of the issue. the former head of a movie industry group argued movies aren't behind the violence. the nra step ahead way from discussions and said they were in attack of second amendment. dan lothian has been following developments for us this morning. sol folks said they see some consensus in some areas. when you listen to what the nra said, they sounded very disappointed with the meetings. >> that's right. we sort of expect thad coming in. it wasn't a very big, bold expectation from the nra, saying they were coming to simply listen to what the administration had to put out there. the vice president did talk about some things floating to the top. not recommendations that come from him, but recommendations he said coming from all the various
.s. on the question of gun control. a team led by vice president joe biden is looking for answers. they'll share their findings next week with president obama. >> there's a real, very tight window to do this. i committed to him i'd have his recommendations to him by tuesday. >> bind met with representatives of the national rifle association and other organizations that oppose new controls on guns and ammunition. he said the team is exploring a ban on selling high-capacity gun magazines. he also said the government wants tighter background checks on people buying guns. the nra and other groups say such controls infringe on their constitutional right to bear arms. >>> the suicide of a star high school basketball player in japan is generating nationwide attention and raising questions about physical abuse in schools. the student left behind a note saying the teacher who coached his club team beat him on a number of occasions. the teacher defended his actions saying it was sports discipline. nhk world reports. >> reporter: members of the osaka board of education have spoken again and again about the
on twitter, quote, she introduced the first bill of the 113th congress to repeal obama care in its entirety. you might recall republicans have tried at least 33 times before this. those are efforts that have no chance of passing since the senate is controlled by the democrats, and the veto pen wielding president isn't likely to repeal his own health care bill. congresswoman bachmann is not alone picking up on old fights. in the first few days of the new congress, republicans have tried to re-engage in fights over anchor babies, defunding planned parenthood, and passing a personhood bill. in other words, here we go again. michael steele is the former chair of the republican national committee and an msnbc political analyst, and bob shrum is a democratic strategist. let's look at this one. here is michele bachmann, who might be fighting to repeat obama care, but john boehner concedes it's a losing battle. in an interview with abc after the election, the speaker said the election settled the issue of obama care. i thought it was a reasonable statement by the speaker. let's listen. >> i think t
defenseless! other than, you know, the guns. [ laughter ] right now, gun control talk is suddenly everywhere for reasons i don't want to get into because it undermines my position. [ laughter ] and as a result, our dear leader obama is more determined than ever to take away our guns in that he has never tried to take away our guns. [ laughter ] but last week, he appointed reich marshal biden to head up a gun safety task force that will convene a "series of meetings" and "offer recommendations--" "in an effort to build consent for action." meetings? recommendations? effort? [ laughter ] folks, that is a slippery slope to jackbooted powerpoint presentations. [ laughter ] now, fortunately, folks, there are rational voices out there, who have a reasoned response to those who want gun regulation. >> now get a gun and go after her hide! well said. and sam's not alone. standing with him is nra head wayne lapierre, who in the wake of unimaginable tragedy, put forth a simple plan to reassure our troubled nation. >> i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to ha
the persistent taliban insurgency in afghanistan. friday's meeting between karzai and president obama seems difficult with the competing agendas both leaders have to juggle. we have more. >> reporter: the number of troops in the afghan military is growing, but they are not ready for the mission to control the security of the country after 2014. experts warn that unless international forces say longer, afghanistan risks falling back into a state of civil war with the taliban, but u.s. public opinion is stacked against the long war. americans want their troops to come home as soon as possible. and with increasing attention on the u.s. budget deficit, the campaign is seen as increasingly unaffordable. u.s. media has reported that the white house is considering reducing the number of troops that remain in afghanistan to below 10,000. u.s. deputy national security adviser, ben row said on tuesday that a total withdrawal remains an option. that announcement caused anger among people in afghanistan. >> translator: if all u.s. troops leave afghanistan after 2014, it will be civil war again. we exp
that leaves obama with little power over gun control. if congress does not say yes to new laws, the president is left with enacting policy changes at the atf and the justice department. but that might not be his only option. yesterday, biden hinted that if congress does refuse to pass legislation, president obama could take executive action. aurora shooter james holmes will face trial on charges he killed 12 people and wounded 70 during the massacre at a colorado theatre. the judge heard the evidence this week and ruled just last night there is enough evidence to try him. holmes is supposed to be arraigned today but his lawyers say he's not ready to enter a plea. more bill press coming up next after the break. stay with us. iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatsh
, a liberal think tank, and a big supporter of obama, and they will get a lot of gun control groups together to try to persuade people on capitol hill that the politics of this actually favors, don't oppose more gun control. nra will have larry pratt, gun owners of america, on "fox news sunday". martha: have a great show. we'll be watching on sunday. thank you, chris. >> you bet. bill: breaking news now, take you to the white house. this will be an intriguing meeting about the future of the united states and afghanistan. hamid karzai, the afghan president arriving moments ago. there is a joint statement by hamid karzai and president obama that you will see live here on the fox news channel later this afternoon. but, the future for u.s. forces there, how many forces, what will the afghans agree to. how far will the president push this. we'll all find out together. meantime severe weather, heavy rain, slamming the south. bringing more than a foot of water. reports after tornado up to go down there we' details in a moment where that's happening. martha: and high-flying utility workers keeping t
there is a growing concern in washington on the gun control side that the ban on semi-automatic military-style assault weapons might be really hard to achieve for the obama administration despite mr. biden's task force efforts going on for three days in the summit. dianne feinstein the senator from california has the pweurblgs there may not be enougbill. there may not be enough votes to pass that. the idea that high capacity military ammunition magazines could actually be limited, that seems to have some currency and momentum as does the background checks. but this eupl mass on the actual ban on guns that could really be a problem for the gun control lobby has them finally trying to sort of catch up to the nra which has a huge organizational advantage when it comes to the grassroots battle on both side of this. jon: the grassroots groups, break down their roles for us. >> reporter: on the left side of this. on the gun control side, there hasn't been a great deal, as a matter of fact. if you look at last year's spending comparing just the national rifle association, never mind dozens of o
to president obama by tuesday. influenza has officially reached epidemic proportions in the u.s. the centers for disease control confirmed today that more than 7% of deaths in the country were due to flu and pneumonia last week. that's just above the threshold for an epidemic. nine of ten regions had "elevated" flu activity, confirming the seasonal outbreak has spread earlier than usual. california shivered today as some of the coldest weather in years hit much of the state. early morning temperatures dipped into the 20s, and some citrus growers shrouded plants in protective covers to save them from frost. others used fans to circulate the air. the system also dumped snow on thursday that closed part of interstate five for 17 hours. the cold was expected to last through the weekend. west virginia senator jay rockefeller will not seek a sixth term in 2014. the veteran democrat announced the decision today. he said he believes he could have been re-elected, even though the state is trending more republican. but at age 75, he said he wants more time with his family. >> it is not a political dec
. president obama vowed to bring together the vastly divided interests in the gun control debate. today those sides seem more polarized than ever. the nation's largest gun lobby the nra is angry and apparently backing away from the conversation, says the white house isn't really interested in a dialogue. >> we knew going into this meeting what the president's position on the so-called assault weapons ban it, is, he said no we've made up our mind on that. no, there's not going to be an agreement on that. >> today we're learning the nation's largest gun retailer is feeling slighted. walmart officials agreed to take part in the talks but in the end they didn't get to meet with joe biden. christine romans has been talking to walmart, what are executives telling you. >> well it's noted inside the company in the end it wasn't a meeting with the vice president, this meeting and the rescheduling and all that that's been contentious over the past few days instead it was with the attorney general, the attorney general eric holder met with the retailers, i can show you how many, i have a graphic, walmar
at the elementary school in newtown, connecticut. the timely lesson for obama, drawn from the experience of lyndon b. johnson, the last president to aggressively fight for comprehensive gun control, is this -- demand action on comprehensive gun control immediately, from this congress, or lose the opportunity during your presidency." joseph califano then goes on to quote lbj directly in terms of the way he instructed his staff directly back in 1968. listen, in the aftermath of the assassination of robert f. kennedy president johnson pressed congress tone act gun control ledge slaix he had sent to capitol hill years earlier. after at the assassination lbj ordered all of us on his staff to act swiftly. "we have only two weeks, maybe even ten days," he said, "before the gun lobby gets organized." after newtown president obama was not suggesting action on gun reform in ten days or two weeks but he was asking for it within six weeks, by the end of january. and now joe biden has sped up that six-week time frame to four weeks. and the consequence of that, just like back in 1968, is that the gun lobby is hav
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